Book [EN] + Family Tree Limited Edition [300un] $ 41.99 - € 36.99

Book [EN] + Family Tree Limited Edition [300un] $ 41.99 - € 36.99 

- 1 Scorpions Family Tree Limited Edition 300 poster (42x60cm) - All Scorpions formations from 1965 to 2021 and previous bands of their members

- 1 Book “The Other Side of the Show”  (21,5x15cm - 360 pages)

- International Shipping: $ 20 - € 17 

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The Scorpions Family Tree was developed for over 2 years of a lot of research, it is now completely revised and updated for 2021, in addition to gaining a new layout and Limited Edition in 300 units. Present in the Hall of Fame at Dierks Studios and in the homes of some Scorpions members, it is a special item and now accessible to all the fans!

*Frame not included